Men’s Resources


Noble Warriors was founded by Mike Young in Richmond, VA during the spring of 2005. Noble Warriors is a member of the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries. (


Proven Men is non-profit organization dedicated to helping men break free from porn or sexual addictions. Our vision is to reach one million men by helping those who desire transformation through our 12-week study combined with accountability. We want men to embrace a Proven way of life that produces lasting victory from pornography and sexual addiction. 15 years ago, Proven Men was founded by Joel Hesch after he experienced victory from a 20 year sexual addiction. With a passion to see other men find victory, he created a study that isn’t focused on behavior modification, but upon the shifting of desires toward God and away from self. Going after the real heart of the issue, each letter of Proven stands for an essential element that must be built into a person’s daily life to overcome sexual addictions.


Our VISION: For every church to disciple every man. If you take virtually every problem in America today, at the root of it you can find the failure of a man (e.g. 93% of prisoners are male and 85% of these come from fatherless homes). Today there are approximately 113,000,000 men in America over the age of 15. 69,000,000 of which don’t know Christ. Only 9,000,000 of these are active in discipleship. This would be the equivalent of 18 guys playing a baseball game where only 1 of them had ever even seen a game. It would be chaos. Chaos like what we see in our country today.