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WILLIAM J. FEDERER is a nationally known speaker, best-selling author. Bill’s AMERICAN MINUTE radio feature is broadcast daily across America and by the Internet. His Faith in History television airs on the TCT Network on stations across America and via DirectTV.
Bill is a sought-after guest on numerous television programs including Hannity, O’Reilly Factor, the Eric Metaxas show, Starnes country on fox nation and many more. He has appeared on nearly every major radio and television network in the United States and is often quoted in major publications such as the New York times and the Washington post.
Bill gained national recognition for lecturing and writing, receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from American Christian College in 2004; and an Honorary Doctorate of Global Leadership from Midwest University in 2013; George Washington Honor Medal by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.
Do not miss this opportunity to meet and hear from Bill Federer at Berea Baptist church where he will be featured during the bible study time on October 18th at 6PM.

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