We invite you to join us in serving our church and community!

Connections Team — office@bereabaptistva.com

Connie Moneyhan, John Dawson, & Winnie Warner

This team is in charge of:

  • reaching out to new members to assist them in getting involved in the church
  • providing necessary information that will allow the new members or guests the opportunity to see how and where they can serve
  • following up with visitors to make sure that they have received information about the church, as well as to see how they can assist them in joining in with the various ministries

Welcome Team — office@bereabaptistva.com

Rick Deyerle, Brenda Childress, & Earl Binns

This team is responsible for:

  • setting up a welcome station in the Gathering area each Sunday morning that will contain a list of updated weekly events, Sunday school classes, and staff contact information
  • providing a welcoming atmosphere for all individuals who are visiting
  • setting up the Gathering area with morning coffee, breakfast foods, etc.

Family Care Team — office@bereabaptistva.com

Jackie Born, Earl Binns, Bob Solomon, Rick Deyerle, Brenda Gilman, & Anita Bulebush

This team is in charge of:

  • hospital and home visits, as well as sending out messages, and making phone calls to those who are hurting and in need
  • making sure that the office is aware of who needs to be added to the prayer list
  • setting up meal trains, etc.

Small Projects Team — office@bereabaptistva.com

Jim Houseknecht, Mike Henley, Kyle Soderberg, Minor Hairfield, & James Cooper

This team is responsible for:

  • assisting with projects such as fixing doors for the elderly, or ramps for those who need wheelchair assistance, or helping to organize any type of small work that would need to be done for folks within the church and community

Missions Team — office@bereabaptistva.com

Kyle Soderberg, James Cooper, Minor Hairfield, Mike Henley, Lenny Dean, & Jim Houseknecht

This team is in charge of:

  • locating small local mission projects that can be performed by all of the various ages groups in the church. For example, this group would be in charge of setting dates for cutting firewood and would work to coordinate the delivering of firewood for those in the community. They would also assist with coordinating warm weather clothing drives, and potato drops, etc.

Education Team — office@bereabaptistva.com

John Dawson, Rick Deyerle, & Lindsey Tompkins

This team is responsible for:

  • assisting Faith Community Academy and Faith Community Academy Co-op with whatever needs may arise in the school